We’ve managed to have some pretty amazing clients throughout the years.

Here are some of our favorites.

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Relampago Coffee Lab – The visuals on this website are stunning and really pull you in emotionally. The ability to connect with your audience is a pivotal part of making a successful website.


If there’s one thing I always tell clients, it’s that white and clean is always the best way to go. I like to approach websites the way I would designing a home. Color scheme is crucial.  This website is a great example of what clean and simple lines can do for your business. Simplicity is appealing to the eyes.


For B&W Marine, we wanted to bring the ocean and the beach to the user that visited the website. What we came up with shocked the owner, as well as the clients! This website has given me more compliments over the years than most. You can literally smell the ocean air and hear the gulls flying by when you click on the page. We created extensive advertisements for them and have built up their clientele base. We even had a Facebook Ad that ran so well, it had over 5,000 clicks! Click Here to check out the website.
logo_white.jpgThis website was so much fun to make. The owner, Jeff, hand-forges custom rings made out of coins. We had a blast trying to come up with different lay-outs, but ended up with a steampunk/modern template that is different from any other website that sells coin rings. We made some vast improvements in our overall likes on both Facebook and Instagram and are continuing to grow everyday. CR by MJ has even had honorable mentions from extremely popular Instagram accounts here in Jacksonville, FL.



corallogo.pngI loved making this for Terry at Livin The Dream Sand Creations. The coral and the teal work so well together, just like the owners and their clients. They are masters of sand creations and kids love using their fingers and getting their hands dirty by digging in the sand. Terry has been one of the kindest clients and I love how her logo shows her style and her personality. If you met Terry and then looked at her logo you would only see her. That is what branding is all about. The business doesn’t define you. You define YOUR business.

fb cover-01Making this website for a good friend of ours, a local aesthetician, by the name of RayAnna Diego. We wanted to create something pink, black, and white. This website proved how crucial picking the right colors is to the success of your website. Sometimes, customers will go back over my work after I have completed it and change everything, because they believe it looks better. In this case, Rayanna chose to change the original elements that NFL Design had created. We strive to teach our customers how to utilize their websites, so that one day they can make changes and not be afraid to try something different. Although this isn’t the exact site I originally created, I am very happy that RayAnna’s business Beautifully Bare is succeeding and she is able to do all of the editing herself!



Creating this Landscaping site for a good friend of ours proved to be challenging, exciting, and the end result was something modern and user-friendly that makes it a breeze to get around. Building sites like these are what makes being a web designer so fulfilling. Thanks Phil for letting us build it for you!




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These two logos, in my opinion, are some of the coolest concepts for a honey company based out of Charleston, South Carolina. They were drawn up on a bar napkin and digitized into masterpieces. The idea was to include the South Carolina flag while also drawing in the customer to realize it was a honey company. We love when something simple is pulled together to create something as awesome as this. Thanks, David!
We loved creating this for you!