We love helping businesses. It’s a team sport. We work together with you to bring your best assets out, providing you with a value proposition that will allow us to launch into a marketing plan that will bring your business to the next level.  Are you looking to upgrade your website? Need only a few tweaks? Want a simple website? Need one that will wow your clients? Looking for someone to design a logo for your business? Do you need help branding a product? Are you looking for a more active approach to digital marketing? Do you need help with Google Ad Words or SEO? Ready to really bring in some customers with targeted Facebook and Instagram marketing?

Are you looking to work with a company that takes the time to put you first?
Look no further than the knowledgeable and friendly staff at North Florida Design.

We take initiative and are results-driven, friendly, communicative, and innovative. We are motivated to get the job done on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and doing it the old-fashioned way. Let’s sit down together over a cup of coffee and see what we can do for your business today.

Meet Our Team


Elle Mitchell, CEO

University of Georgia
Florida State University

Graphic Design, Website Design, Digital & Print Marketing, Business Management, Brand Management, Creative Manager, Marketing Consultant, Advertising Manager, Brand Consultant, Production Manager, Media Specialist, Photographer, Brand Ambassador

Elle enjoys creating. Whether it be building a website, a piece of art, or strumming her guitar. Elle was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and takes great pride in her city. She is an American history buff, music lover, and an avid fisher on the First Coast. She loves finding sharks teeth and spending as much time as she can at the beach fishing or skateboarding.

She’s worked with several different companies, on all sides of the spectrum, but her favorite was the one she worked for that almost became the next Instagram and failed to make her a millionaire. Elle worked for a company called Radar, which was the first ‘Instagram” of it’s time, allowing users to post pictures and like other friends pictures, keeping in touch, and allowing users to focus solely on photos. While the company was based out of San Francisco, Elle managed to build an exclusive, massive following in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, and even Atlanta. Her marketing and networking skills led Radar to take off in the Southeast and its fan base grew to over a million users. Sadly, when the owner was asked to sell, he didn’t and that same developer bought Instagram instead a few months later and Radar eventually closed down. This was the start of her career as a digital artist.

Elle created branding for a brewery, designing several craft beers and had a blast doing it while running the brewery. It wasn’t until she saw the response her marketing had on the breweries social media that got her attention that it could be a game changer for any company. It was a honey company out of Hilton Head, South Carolina, that she credits as being one of her favorite logos because it was drawn on a bar napkin. The second one was a wild manta ray logo she created for two friends who sold their belongings, bought a boat, and are now spend their time traveling around the world writing.

Her career highlights include winning best wed designer in Jacksonville’s yearly poll and still keeping her very first client, B&W Marine Construction on. Starting a branding is one thing, but keeping that branding going, evolving, and bringing it to the next level is the whole reason she loves the call of the digital wild.

Accreditations and Awards:
Voted #1 Web Designer in Jacksonville, Florida by Folio Weekly Readers, 2018-2020
Voted #1 Commercial Photographer by Folio Weekly Readers, 2019-2020

WeWon BOJ2019_WeWon


Ashley Thompson, Graphic Designer

University of North Florida

Graphic Design, Branding, Creative Consultant, Brand Consultant, Logo Design

Ashley can always be found on Illustrator with her Wacom tablet in hand. She is a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan and is almost a local. She’s a military kid and was glad when her family settled in Jacksonville. She likes to spend time with her two pugs, Jordan and Lebron. She is constantly getting new ideas while running at the gym and claims it is her best thinking place. Ashley is an asset because she has a wide range of styles and loves playing with splashes of color and knows her away around Adobe.

We’re glad to have her on our team!

new guy

Johann Janssen, Full Stack Web Developer

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Full Stack PHP / Web Developer, Coding Expert

Johann is a vet. He builds custom, award winning WordPress websites with a unique development approach that allows for a fully flexible user experience.

Our themes require creative development solutions that will test anyone’s coding skills. Johann enjoys building a website from the ground up using advanced programming concepts while adhering to the latest trends in web technologies to create functional, responsive, cross browser compatible experiences. His process is meticulous and he takes great care in his creations.

He enjoys old Godzilla movies, app development, video game design, and in his free time he enjoys brewing beer and visiting new breweries. He also has a knack for playing Fortnite and almost made it to the World Cup last year. We’re so happy to have such a well-rounded developer on our team and can’t wait to see what he can do for you!

jacksonville marketing

Bradley Behr, Social Media Manager

University of Florida

Launched and managed social campaigns for Berkshire Hathaway, REMAX, Wounded Warriors Project, and the Discovery Channel