Do you need help creating a modern, user-friendly website? Looking to upgrade an old website? Check out North Florida Design. We have a website for every budget. Not only that, but we are family-owned and operated and local. We pride ourselves on our ability to create lucrative websites and build a brand that your business can rely on for many years to come. During the month of May, we are running three specific specials.


$1,000 – Level I –  Basic Branding Package

This package includes a simple, yet unique website layout, graphics, design, copy-writing, and will include a Google Business page, as well as $75 worth of Google Adwords/free SEO keywords. This would be a good site for someone just starting out, who needs a website to represent themselves as a legitimate online source. These pages are usually no more than 1-3 pages with little text and a few pictures or stock images.


$2,000 – Level II – Prime Branding Package

This package includes an original layout/design, graphics, pictures taken, copy-writing, specific business branding, Google Business Page, and either a Facebook or Instagram page. $75 Adwords Credit & SEO keywords plus $50 towards marketing on whichever platform you decide. This website would benefit someone who needs more than just a website, but a following. This level would have anywhere from 3-6 pages and would be better for someone who is looking to expand their reach and receive more clients.


$3,000-4500 – Level III – Premium Branding Package

This package includes an original layout/design, graphics, pictures taken at your place of business, specifically business branding through logo, typography, and graphic design. It also includes a Google Business Page, Instagram, and Facebook pages that we will create for you specifically to market your business to the digital world. It also includes $100 in Adwords/SEO and $50 on each platform for marketing. This package is the most popular of all of our products and can range in looks and appearance. We want to bring you more than just a ROI. We want to bring you a thoughtfully designed website that brings the type of clientele you are trying to reach.


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