Coffee and Milk – My First Blog PostIMG_3023



That thing of which we must partake.

The elixir of life, really.

One thing many don’t realize is that coffee’s origins are from Africa, not South America, but in a (then tiny village) of  Ethiopia. The coffee grew wild and the villagers first collected the berries to feast on the flesh of the actual berry – a red, luscious and juicy fruit, not what was bean-ethe (;P) and  (somehow knew) to roast that joker to perfection. Alas! That black elixir of life was created!

The problem nowadays is people seem to know a much ado about nothing when it comes to coffee. Pardon me, people know way too much about what they hear from Starbucks. For instance, a macchiato, one of the most beloved drinks of all time has been demolished and re-concocted as an idiot’s drink. A macchiato is a double shot of espresso with a few dollops of foam. It is not a caramel-infested, sugar-laced, iced mess that is a Caramel Macchiato from the Green Mermaid.

The Americano is one of my favorite drinks and it comes with no surprise, that in fact it came to be with some historical origins. The drink was created in Post World World 2 Italy where American soldiers spent much of their time drinking the bitter and strong espresso. To lessen the blow, baristas there, or most likely the drinker himself added hot water to taste. Tada! The Americano was born.

I love making coffee for people. You can really tell a lot about a person by what they order. I had a regular customer come in (Relampago Coffee Lab in Downtown St. Augustine – FANTASTIC COFFEE) for his usual Americano. He ordered it every single day. After weeks of ordering the same drink I asked him if he knew the origins. His guess? “Cuba? During the Bay of Pigs?” Wrong area, wrong time period, buddy, but good try.

For good coffee without all of the fuss, try Relampago Coffee in beautiful Downtown St. Augustine, Florida. Their coffee will astound you in more ways then one – and if that doesn’t – then the ambience will. Clean white, modern lines, minimal plants, and wood accents. Simple & pleasant to behold.

Even Darth Vader approved….IMG_3134.JPGMay The Force Be With You // Funny, that bonsai looks an awful lot like Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy. 

Check them out locally or visit the site I created for them. Remember the name of Relampago Coffee – they have the most premium coffee in St. Augustine. Boasting locally roasted, sustainable, seasonal beans that are ground to perfection to make any latte, pour over, or Americano the best cup of coffee you might ever have!

It is located off of 74 Spanish St. right next to The Floridian – A southern, farm-to-table, chef’s chef’s restaurant that has become a staple in Downtown St. Augustine cuisine. They even have Mexican Coke in a glass bottle! Be sure to check them out as well!