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Welcome to North Florida Design. We’re glad you stopped by. Statistically, business owners who research and look into building a website themselves decide to try out companies like GoDaddy or SquareSpace and realize it is much harder than it looks. What they learn quickly is that it is easy to start, but difficult to finish. Especially when it takes time away from your customers and from the flow of your business! That’s what we’re here to do. We want to take the stress off of you and allow a professional to take the driver’s seat to fulfill all of your social marketing, advertising, and design needs. As a business owner, it is your job to run your business and your craft – not build the website.

We want to build your brand and online presence; whether it be by marketing your business through a branding package or a classy, modern website. There are packages for every budget and every company, but what every business needs is simple :
A killer website, Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter, and a Google Plus page.

Utilizing different social markets for advertising is crucial in building any business. You have to be able to be found once you do make a website, but to reach even more people it takes a targeted approach by knowledgeable professionals. These include marketing strategies that focus on SEO’s, Google Ad Word solutions, and targeted Facebook ads.

Just starting out? No problem. Aren’t sure about anything and define yourself as far from tech savvy? We want to take the confusion out of building your website by walking you through each process, just as a contractor would. It’s up to you how involved or uninvolved you would like to be. We’re here to serve all of your technological needs for your business from start to finish. We are so blessed to have a staff that is creative and professional that will make you feel comfortable about building your brand to its maximum potential. We pride ourselves on constant communication and the idea that businesses are made from forming solid business relationships, staying humble, and by learning from mistakes.

Are you having problems with customers leaving bad reviews? Are BBB and Yelp becoming a headache? No problem. We can help. We’ve built a working relationship with the Better Business Bureau of Jacksonville, Florida and will work to rectify all of your complaints and get them squared away with due diligence.

North Florida Designs is a local web design and marketing company looking to help your business grow. We help build your business grow by focusing on current trends and keeping you ahead of your competition. We build websites, but what we love most is building a brand and following of loyal customers that will enhance the quality of your business for years to come.

Voted #1 Best Web Designer in Jacksonville of 2018 by Folio Readers! Thank you!